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We believe everyone can enjoy effortlessly owning & renting cottage property, which is why we make it easy for you to get started on this beautiful journey.

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  • Step 1: Learn From Our Experts

    Looking for a more personal approach to learn about cottage rentals and have all of our questions answered including profitability projections/time involvement/location selection/checklist of next steps? Book a 1 Hour "Benefits of Cottage Ownership & Industry Info" with our experts which includes:

    • Min-Max Income Potential
    • Rate Breakdown Evaluation
    • Licensing Requirements
    • Location Discussion (Pros/Cons)
    • Suggestions on Setup / Decor
    • Potential Expenses / Pit Falls
    • Management Needs & More!
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  • Step 2: Online "Cottage Rental Basics" Video Course

    Full access in your personal back end account which includes the below modules- accessible to you online anytime/anywhere you choose to watch the videos.

    • Module 1: Intro to Cottage Rental Industry
    • Module 2: Booking Management
    • Module 3: Maintenance Considerations
    • Module 4: Safety & Security
    • Module 5: Legal, Contracts & Liability Considerations
    • Module 6: Purchase Decisions & Considerations
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  • Step 3: Browse Local Realtor Partners

    Understanding your budget, purchase price targets and areas of interest are key in taking the first step to owning a cottage. We partner with the best in the industry to help you select the area, property & size of Cottage best suited to your future needs. The Agent will prepare a market analysis post the consultation to assist you with your purchase.

    Depending on your desired area, you can browse our listing of preferred Realtor Partners working in various areas of Ontario, to help you find the perfect cottage property.

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Frequently asked questions

Here's some common questions people have. If your question isn't listed here, don't be afraid to contact us.

Can I expect to be totally hand offs when renting my future cottage?

There are different aspects you need to consider when renting a cottage including booking management, cleaning, supply maintenance/repairs, advertising, financial management, licensing etc. Royal Cottages can assist with many of these aspects to keep your time involvement at a minimum if preferred, please refer to Host Services for additional information. Although some time commitment is still required on part of the Host given property ownership, we can help make it easier to focus on just the necessary aspects.

Is it better to purchase a small 2 bedroom cottage or a larger cottage which accommodates 10+ people?

Both properties have their own respective target clients, depending on location of property, access to water/ski hills etc, amenities provided and rate policies of course. Choosing the best property for you will depend on budget, your own income goals, as well as desired personal use of cottage. Speaking with our experts & realtor partners can help establish the best property choice for you.

Does purchasing a waterfront property automatically mean higher earnings?

Although waterfront properties are generally the first choice for many vacationers, it depends on the location in which you’re seeking to purchase and the main points of attraction nearby. For Golfers/Skiers/Bikers, being closer to the mountain/range/course is often more important than a cottage on the water. Maintenance of waterfront properties also needs to be taken into account as costs/time investment can often be higher here.

Can I purchase & rent out a cottage outside of Ontario with the help of Royal Cottages?

Currently, Royal Cottages focuses on local Ontario based properties, however we do hope to expand Canada-Wide in the near future. We are happy to help to provide information during our Expert Coaching Session on Cottage Ownership overall without specifics regarding other provinces at this stage.

Do I need to obtain a license to rent a cottage?

This is something we discuss in more detail during our Expert Coaching Session and Video Course, however most regions do currently require some sort of local licensing arrangement to be in place prior to rental.

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