About Royal Cottages

Created by cottage lovers, for cottage lovers

An exciting new booking platform for all cottage enthusiasts: guests, veteran cottage hosts, & future cottage owners.

We help:

  • Travelling Guests find and book their perfect local Ontario cottage getaway.
  • Current Cottage Owners rent and manage their cottages with as little or as much involvement as they choose while maximizing revenue.
  • Future Cottage Owners learn the industry, purchase their property & get set up to start earning an income while enjoying their new property.

Created by a family of Cottage Owners and Resort Property Managers with over 10 years of hospitality industry experience, the Royal Cottages Team understands the unique needs of hosts, guests and future cottage owners: the need for an incredible stay experience, respect & safety of your cottage property, earned income & avoidance of pitfalls in the process.

Guest Features

What's in it for Guests?

Choose Destination

Easily Book Online

Enjoy your getaway!

  • Easily Book & Pay Online For Select Royal Cottage Listings (coming soon)
    • Online platform to find, agree to booking terms and pay to secure your vacation.
    • All online — no hassle of back and forth document exchange with hosts.
    • Automatic refund of security deposits.
  • Easy & Quick Communication Regarding Your Booking
    • 12-24 hour response times with hosts/Royal Cottages Support Team.
    • Call or chat with the Royal Cottages Support Team live via phone or chat, without long hold times.
  • Royal Cottages Family Listings Standard of Service
    • All Royal Cottages Family Listed properties (denoted by an RC asterisk) are required to have some standard line up of amenities, so you know what to expect upon arrival, and adhere to a suggested cleaning protocol to ensure the safety and well-being of all guests.
  • Lowest Processing/Booking Fees compared to all Major Platforms
    • Pay less in commissions, service and processing fees for booking your stay compared to Airbnb, VRBO, and other major platforms.

Host Features

What's in it for Cottage Owners and Hosts?

Create Free Listing

Book with Online Payments

Save Time

Earn Passive Income

  • Create a Free Cottage Listing
    • List your property for free on the Royal Cottages Platform and gain access to all potential travellers/guests in our database! This includes a Cottage Landing page and direct email contact with potential guests.
    • For additional options visit our Host Services & Subscription Level pages.
  • Secure Back Office Log-In
    • Every host receives their own back office account to easily manage/edit property details, change/add subscription levels/services, see visitor statistics & in future communicate with guests.
  • Personalized Cottage Property Listing Web Page
    • Every Property deserves to shine! Easily Set up a standardized landing page for your property including photos, videos, description, amenity features, availability calendar & more!
    • If you’d prefer one of our Royal Cottages Support Reps to professionally set up your page - check out our Initial Set Up Package
  • Booking Involvement Control
    • Control how involved you’d like to be in the management of your cottage: Do it all yourself from contract managements, self managed payments, communication with guests, or trust the pro’s at Royal Cottage to Fully Manage the booking Process including contracts, calendar, payments & more.
    • Check out our Subscription Levels Page for more information.
  • Property Analysis/Cottage Set up for Success
    • We provide personal coaching sessions with our Royal Cottage Team Experts to help position your cottage for maximum profit, including Rate Options/Suggestions, Decor/Styling, Amenities Provisions, Competitor Landscape Research, Zoning Discussions & more!
    • Book our Expert Cottage Analysis Session today!
  • Additional Marketing, Cleaning, Concierge Services Available/Coming Soon!
    • We currently have Pro Photo/Video Services to help you set up your property for success, and excursion/concierge services, cleaning & maintenance and other services coming soon - so you can rest easy that you guests & cottage are taken care of!
  • Live Communication with the Royal Cottages Support Team
    • Easy access to a live, over the phone representative to answer any questions/issues you may encounter on the platform or with your bookings.
  • Lowest Processing/Booking Fees compared to all Major Platforms
    • Pay less in commissions, service & processing fees for use of Platform Booking Service & Legal Contracts, compared to Airbnb, VRBO, and other major platforms.
    • Visit our Services & Subscription Level pages for more info.

Futuer Owner Features

What's in it for Future Cottage Owners?

Learn the Business

Book a Private Session

Purchase a Cottage

Earn Passive Income

  • Online Video Course - "Learn the business of Cottage Rentals" (coming soon)
    • Purchase our 6 module online video course to equip yourself with all of the basics you need to consider to start earning an income from cottage rentals. Understanding first steps you need to take to avoid pitfalls is crucial to a successful journey.
  • Free Consultation with an Experienced Vacation Property Real Estate Agent
    • Understanding your budget, purchase price targets and areas of interest are key in taking the first step to owning a cottage. We partner with the best in the industry to help you select the area, property & size of Cottage best suited to your future needs. The Agent will prepare a market analysis post the consultation to assist you with your purchase.
  • Book a Private Coaching Session with a Royal Cottages Expert to Learn More
    • Looking for a more personal approach to learn about cottage rentals and have all of our questions answered including profitability projections/time involvement/location selection/checklist of next steps? Book a private coaching session with our Experts!

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